The intent of Franchise Voices is to deliver weekly podcast interviews and content to inform, inspire and connect the franchise community.

I have a history in this sector of over 20 years.

From when I was first employed by a franchisee to deliver pizzas at Pizza Hut, to having worked within leadership roles with some of Australia’s leading franchise organisations and retailers, I have loved being a part of this great sector of Australian business.

I’ve learned a lot about people, culture, diversity and particularly how powerful listening to and understanding someone’s goals is, when developing and accelerating their growth.

I’ve also loved to hear from other leaders in the franchise community, from franchisees, franchisors and suppliers to the sector as a way to stimulate my own thinking and development.

So a little while ago, I committed to finding a way to bring the insights, thinking and ideas of leaders within the franchise community (and some beyond it) to you in a simple and convenient way.

So here it is. The franchise voices podcast.

I hope you find listen worthy content here in the podcast series, and stay tuned or subscribed to the weekly updates – you can sign up to the newsletter via the box on the right..

And I’ll always welcome any feedback or thoughts.

Also, if there is someone who you believe I should speak with, please drop me an email and let me know. I’m happy to chat.