Are you experiencing any of the following when working with different cultures in your business?

Feel like you aren’t being heard?

Do behaviours not match the words that are being said?

And are you attributing some of this behaviour to “attitude problems”…

Barb West of Culture Works digs into the above during this episode of the podcast.

Without curiosity (and Barb describes herself as infinitely curious) on this subject, you may not identify some of the clues and insights you need to, in order to adapt and work more beneficially with different cultures in your business.

On a personal front, during my career it took me some time, and I mean sometime with some deal of frustration, to understand the concept that Barb talks to at 16:30 mins in to the interview….sometimes being calm and considered doesn’t work when you must emphasise your point!

In this episode of the podcast I talk with Steve Champion of ER Strategies and the Franchise Advisory Service.

What does it take to get your rates of pay accurate for your team in a fast food or retail environment?

What are some frequently made mistakes that can be avoided when interpreting award requirements or penalty rates?

Steve’s expertise and business are founded on getting these details right with QSRs and other Food and Convenience retailers.

Within this episode are some very clear recommendations on how to navigate issues that may arise, some potential consequences when you get it wrong….and how to deal with any queries along the way.

Some clear advice and some simple ways to connect to it with Steve and his business.

Essential elements of financial literacy from someone who is passionate about the Profit and Loss statement, and cash-flow planning!

Are you the artist of your financial picture?

Hear from Lisa on what you can do to create that picture….and thinking about how each decision you make has a financial impact…

In my experience, the Business Migration Stream has contributed significantly to the franchise sector.

In this episode of the podcast, I chat with Florence Buegge-Borshoff, a migration agent from Perth, with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

Florence gives some insight into a current review of the program being undertaken in Canberra and we discuss possible ways forward with the program.

Often we will hear franchisors groan about the challenge of franchisees taking up new initiatives.

However, when it comes to resisting bold and new ideas, is the problem with Franchisees or the Franchisor?

During this discussion, Greg highlights some key activities to undertake with your franchisor to bring initiative forward, and even talks about the number one priority when doing so.