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When I was in Year 11 at school, I successfully (thankfully), completed a subject called Business Maths.

Of course it had other nicknames, and indeed so did the teacher. However, in lieu of having a passion for the very funky Maths A and B subjects, I followed a very practical path with the maths.

Very likely my Maths A teacher was happy as I exited his classroom, (after a variety of ways in which I expressed my lack of passion for some of the content) and I entered the world of business maths.

I am thankful that I did, and whilst it’s a little while ago now, I still remember talking profit margins, sales volumes and measuring them both, albeit with a different hair do (mullet) and I didn’t have glasses at that point like the kid in the picture above.

In this episode of the podcast I talk with Paul Le Blanc, a franchisee for Fast Signs in Vancouver, Canada.

Paul shares many insights from his journey in franchising, from both before and during his tenure with Fast Signs, and we talk about the ups and downs of business ownership.

You’ll hear Paul talk about his recent months performance and also some historical stats from throughout his journey. 

There’s a number of lessons he shares very well along the way, and we talk maths.

Doing the math, or maths (some colonial differences there we don’t get to the bottom of) and how often you do them in your business has featured a number of times in different episodes of the podcast (with Smart Franchise and Lisa Gissing) In this episode we get inside Paul’s thinking and behaviours around the subject as a franchisee.

Learning, starting to use, and continuing to focus on the maths is important.

This was an enjoyable chat with Paul, I hope you enjoy it, but also soak up the insights he has shared.

And if you’re in need of his business, here he is at Fast Signs in Vancouver



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