Essentially serious date setting, one from me..

A theme is showing its way through in a number of the podcast episodes… this episode explores it a little further!

No interview this time, its just me.

Tune in to it on iTunes, or Sticher, or follow this link to stream from the site.

There are two gents and resources I refer to in this episode, Seth Godin and Greg McKeown.

Both of these guys are excellent writers, and Seth is also very very easy to listen to on an audiobook.

Here’s a list of links I’d recommend are worthy of a purchase or a download by way of further exploration of the subject covered in this episode.

Seth Godin

Here is Seth’s blog (at about 8.30 every evening, I receive the daily post, I recommend subscribing if you’d like to shake up your brain).

The specific post I refer to is here

He writes everyday. Everyday without fail.

The Icarus Deception (I have both the audiobook and kindle book) is one of my absolute favourites by Seth…lizard brains, the resistance, and making a ruckus…gatekeepers are disappearing in many industries, just start!

Greg McKeown

Take a squiz at Greg’s website here

I have read two of Greg’s books (the first which he collaborated on with Liz Wiseman) and the other as referred to in the episode. 

multipliers – How the best leaders make everyone smarter – just outstanding…

Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less – this is a great read. Doing as it advocates isn’t easy. Very possible, but not easy, and therefore worth the effort.



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