Franchise Business Readiness Initiative – whats it about?

What’s the Franchise Business Readiness Initiative about and how can it help you?

The Franchise Business Readiness Initiative is designed to help people think through questions of money, lifestyle and business skills as they consider starting off in a franchise business.

It actually came out of discussions about significant change in industries such as the Automotive Industry here in Australia, and how could we educate people and enable good decision making for them when they are seeking to transition into a franchise business.

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Here’s what Peter and Kate from Smart Franchise and The Franchise Accountants Network say …

“We have worked with a lot of new franchisees through the workshops we run in Smart Franchise. Most new franchisees have never run a business before, so it’s no surprise they often don’t have a strong practical grasp of the financial side of business.

We’ve heard similar thoughts in conversations with bankers, lawyers and the folks at OFMA. They all tell us this can often lead to difficulties once the franchise is established.

The ‘pre-franchise’ stage is a great time to lay some foundations for good business and financial management.

This is a time when prospective franchisees can do some learning and thinking – and apply it in a practical way, as they research the financial aspects of a franchise, create a budget and cash flow, and have family money conversations.”

Simply register here for the FREE introductory webinar to the Franchise Business Readiness Initiative.

When you register, you’ll receive access to Kate’s free video detailing the 3 essential financial questions to ask when buying.

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