Getting your rates right with Steve Champion of the Franchise Advisory Service

In this episode of the podcast I talk with Steve Champion of ER Strategies and the Franchise Advisory Service.

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What does it take to get your rates of pay accurate for your team in a fast food or retail environment?

What are some frequently made mistakes that can be avoided when interpreting award requirements or penalty rates?

Steve’s expertise and business are founded on getting these details right with QSRs and other Food and Convenience retailers.

Within this episode are some very clear recommendations on how to navigate issues that may arise, some potential consequences when you get it wrong….and how to deal with any queries along the way.

Below are links to Steve’s websites, where you can sign up for access to free QSR award rate tables, and investigate with Steve how you can access the ER Strategies services.

Links for sites referred to in this episode:

Go to ERstrategies here 

Visit the Franchise Advisory Service site here (where you can sign up for the award tables)

And for advice on Enterprize Bargaining and to attend his courses, please head here

Fair Work Ombudsman site is here 

Some clear advice and some simple ways to connect to it with Steve and his business.

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