Greg Nathan on bringing ideas forward with your franchisor…

In this episode of the podcast I talk with Greg Nathan of the Franchise Relationships Insititute. 

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Often we will hear franchisors groan about the challenge of franchisees taking up new initiatives.

However, when it comes to resisting bold and new ideas, is the problem with Franchisees or the Franchisor?

During this discussion, Greg highlights some key activities to undertake with your franchisor to bring initiative forward, and even talks about the number one priority when doing so.

Does innovation slow in systems as they get larger, and the need to maintain compliance or “participation” is prioritised.

What if somewhere in YOUR network, there are ideas and activities underway (and profitable ones at that), that you just aren’t listening to any more, because the noise of numbers is too great.

This bloke makes great sense, and you’ll hear why when you listen in.

Links relevant to this episode:

Greg is the founder of the Franchise Relationships Institute, their website is here

Profitable Partnerships, written by Greg, is one of the best resources on franchise relationships I have read. Click here to go to the order page and grab a copy.

Useless tidbit (I’m not sure) typing “If it’s going to be, it is up to me” in google nets 3,140,000,000 results. Sure is a true statement though! 

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