Is curiosity the key to adaptation with cultural behaviours different to your own?

Are you experiencing any of the following in your business when working with different cultures?

Frustration in not being heard?

Do behaviours not match the words that are being said?

And are you attributing some of this to “attitude problems”…

Barb West of Culture Works digs into these questions, enabling you to identify where there are opportunities for you and others, to adapt and learn about how cultural differences effect the growth and effectiveness of relationships.

Without curiosity (and Barb describes herself as infinitely curious) on this subject, you may not identify some of the clues and insights you need to gain in order to adapt to the different cultures within your business.

On a personal front, during my career it took me some time, and I mean sometime with some deal of frustration, to understand the concept that Barb talks to at 16:30 mins in to the interview….sometimes being calm and considered doesn’t work when you are needing to emphasise your point!

However, once I had learned that sometimes demonstrating your passion or frustration on an issue can take a different form (waving hands and raised voices!), a whole new world of more effective and impactful communication opened up for me.

You can find Barb West or the Culture Works business via the link below:

Culture Works 

Listen to Barb on the podcast on iTunes here

Or Listen to Barb on Sticher (for android users) here

Or just duck back to the podcast site page and tune in there.


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