Lisa Gissing and the Financial Artist in you…what picture are you creating?

Lisa Gissing works with the Davidson Institute at Westpac.

I knew that the Westpac was Australia’s first bank, but I didn’t know until I interviewed Lisa, that it was also Australia’s first company.

Having been a small business owner and operator myself, and having worked with groups of franchisees, I find Lisa’s session extremely practical. For a very simple reason – cash flow is the lifeblood of any business.

And as we move through the interview, you will though, hear Lisa talking about constantly coming back to your cashflow forecast.

Wondering where to start with your current financial status in your business?

Go to your cashflow forecast.

Do you need to prepare for a store refurb in line with a lease renewal, but its about 18 months away?

Go to your cashflow forecast and make sure you are preparing to fork out that cash down the road.

Lisa’s education and message is consistent, and you’re hearing it from someone who loves the numbers and says she has the best job in Westpac!

Essential elements of financial literacy from someone who is passionate about the Profit and Loss statement, and cash-flow planning!

Be the artist of your financial picture!

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