So is it clear? Is what clear? The maths of hydration with the Fatigue Professor

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I’ve always loved a caffeine injection in the morning. When I owned a cafe business a number of years ago, myself and my business partner would easily put away four coffees before midday, and rip into the lunchtime rush (customers that is).

I’ve often thought this was a great way to kick off the day and keep things moving (and ideally our customers did as well!).

We often reach for the coffee, for the tea, and often also for the soft drink or energy drink to kick us through a long day or overnight, or see us to the end of a shift..

What if actually there was something that you could be drinking more of, with more impact to improve or remove your fatigue.

John Toomey, The Fatigue Professor, talks with us on this episode of the podcast about the maths of hydration to help manage fatigue and endurance across your day.

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