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I actually think I am pretty clever…

Well, sometimes.

Mailchimp (the email tool I use for franchise voices), sent me a summary of my email results for 2014 in mid January. A bit of an annual review..

The industry sector (consulting) that I fitted myself into in their system, has an “open rate” of across it’s emails of about 12%..

Me? franchise voices?

Well franchise voices newsletter emails, have an average of 55%! 55%…some going up to just under 80%..

I thought..that’s pretty interesting. I wonder why?

What have I been doing that might get that result? Maybe, its because there aren’t 10’s of thousands of people within that group. Could that be it?

No. I don’t believe it is.

What I believe it is, is that it’s the result of me working to follow a concept, which this episode’s interviewee calls the “first 7 words“.

Andrew O’Keefe is the Director of Hardwired Humans, and is also the author of a book of the same name.

About 18 months ago, I was given a copy of the book to read, and one of the key concepts I learned about was the “first 7 words” (among many nuggets of gold).

So I have been working to apply his thinking, and the discipline of using only 7 words in my email subject lines.


Because as Andrew explains, as humans, we are constantly classifying….constantly classifying the messages we take in and the environment around us.

What is it that we are looking for and why, when we are interpreting the messages around us?

And how could it relate to what you can implement when you’re communicating with customers, to have them open, and then act upon your message, or when you call, or when you’re face to face….

Andrew explains the key principles of the “first 7 words” in this episode of the podcast. Try his principles out next time you send an email to your customers. Take the time to select carefully before you push send…

Oh and I love the short tale at the end about the “jaw-dropping insights” on the Gorilla disciplinary process…

Like to add any thoughts on how you could put this concept to use in your business?

All comments welcome below!

If you want to know more about Andrew O’Keefe, here’s where you can find him:

website: www.hardwiredhumans.com

The book referenced in this episode: Hardwired Humans



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